A picture that I took of God’s artwork.


Proverbs 15:13a (NIV) ~ A happy heart makes the face cheerful

Ecclesiastes 2:26a(NIV) ~ To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness….

In a recent email that I received from a site that I subscribe to, the question was asked. What 10 things make you happy? So, I was inspired to share 10 of the things that make me smile and excite my spirit!!

Here goes! They are in no specific order. I am just writing them as they come to mind.

#1 ~ The beauty that is portrayed in the sky! (you probably knew this if you   have seen any of my pics). I mean, I really get excited! I started just clapping my hands and grabbed my phone to take a picture the other morning..because the beauty of God’s handiwork just makes me happy! (BTW, I was in a parking lot..not driving 🙂 )

 #2 ~ Hearing my children’s laughter …there is nothing like it. Especially, after those moments when they are fighting. :0

 #3 ~ Spending time with my husband and girls..time (quality time)

 #4 ~ Laughing and spending time with my friends..laughter really is good medicine. Recently I realized that God had transformed me into a “people person” and making new friends makes me happy now!

 #5 ~ Taking pictures….of scenery and people. Just brings me pure joy! Especially when I am able to make someone else happy with photography.

 #6 ~ Worshiping freely wherever I please…but especially at my church! Man, how I love just tuning in to my Jesus..raising my hands when I want to and singing songs of praise to the One who gave me life!

 #7 ~ Animals…yes, I am an animal lover. They just love you unconditionally.

 #8 ~ The Beach…I just love snorkeling and laying on the beach listening to the waves and seagulls..and of course I love the photo ops the beach provides! 🙂

 #9 ~ Writing…about whatever God lays upon my heart to share..so, yeah writing makes me happy.

 #10 ~ A good meal! 🙂 Preferably, a home-cooked southern style meal..and preferably cooked by someone other than myself. 😉


   What makes you happy?? Write them down like I did. Better yet, comment on this post and let me know one or two things. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you! I have to tell you, it was hard to stop at 10 once I got started. Really helps you change your outlook!

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Wishing You All A Happy Day!!!




My precious family at the beach 2011

Thankful that Jesus loves me. Missions are my heart. I love life; it’s a gift that I never want to waste. Simple Truths blog was created for the purpose of sharing simple truths, encouragement, and God. I am in the process of creating a podcast as well. I am a wife to Spencer, mother to our 2 adult daughters, and fur baby momma.

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