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A picture that I took of God’s artwork.


Proverbs 15:13a (NIV) ~ A happy heart makes the face cheerful

Ecclesiastes 2:26a(NIV) ~ To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness….

In a recent email that I received from a site that I subscribe to, the question was asked. What 10 things make you happy? So, I was inspired to share 10 of the things that make me smile and excite my spirit!!

Here goes! They are in no specific order. I am just writing them as they come to mind.

#1 ~ The beauty that is portrayed in the sky! (you probably knew this if you   have seen any of my pics). I mean, I really get excited! I started just clapping my hands and grabbed my phone to take a picture the other morning..because the beauty of God’s handiwork just makes me happy! (BTW, I was in a parking lot..not driving 🙂 )

 #2 ~ Hearing my children’s laughter …there is nothing like it. Especially, after those moments when they are fighting. :0

 #3 ~ Spending time with my husband and girls..time (quality time)

 #4 ~ Laughing and spending time with my friends..laughter really is good medicine. Recently I realized that God had transformed me into a “people person” and making new friends makes me happy now!

 #5 ~ Taking pictures….of scenery and people. Just brings me pure joy! Especially when I am able to make someone else happy with photography.

 #6 ~ Worshiping freely wherever I please…but especially at my church! Man, how I love just tuning in to my Jesus..raising my hands when I want to and singing songs of praise to the One who gave me life!

 #7 ~ Animals…yes, I am an animal lover. They just love you unconditionally.

 #8 ~ The Beach…I just love snorkeling and laying on the beach listening to the waves and seagulls..and of course I love the photo ops the beach provides! 🙂

 #9 ~ Writing…about whatever God lays upon my heart to share..so, yeah writing makes me happy.

 #10 ~ A good meal! 🙂 Preferably, a home-cooked southern style meal..and preferably cooked by someone other than myself. 😉


   What makes you happy?? Write them down like I did. Better yet, comment on this post and let me know one or two things. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you! I have to tell you, it was hard to stop at 10 once I got started. Really helps you change your outlook!

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Wishing You All A Happy Day!!!




My precious family at the beach 2011

5 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. amygking says:

    I can do this easily!
    1 – Home – when your life is shifted those things that we take for granted now become extra special.
    2 – My first cup of coffee in the morning while I spend time with Jesus.
    3 – When God finds me the perfect parking place in a 5 story parking garage.
    4 – Smooches with my hubby!
    5 – Pictures sent from our girls when we are away through text!
    Love you! Great seeing God work through you to minister to so many! Keep shining for Him!


    1. Oh sweet Amy.. How precious you are in HIS sight.. The way you and your family are shining through this cloudy season in your life! Love YOU!


  2. Sue Graber says:

    Things that make me happy: Special time with grandkids, going on a walk with my husband, hearing God speak to me through Scripture, Encouraging others, One-on-one time with my girls, coffee with special friends, long walks enjoying God’s creation…you’re right…so much to be happy about .. Thanks for the reminder; just found your site!


  3. Tracy says:

    Learning something new from Gods word gets me really excited!!
    I do admit, I get ALOT of happiness from being with my girlfriends… Especially playing dress up (purple hair)
    Starting a new bible study
    Getting things “done” on my ” to do list” around the house
    Planting flowers
    And you, Heather.. Thanks for being my friend!


    1. Thank YOU for being my friend!! Purple hair was so much fun! 🙂


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