I felt it was appropriate that I share some SIMPLE TRUTHS about myself with you (my blog friends). Some you may find interesting..some you may find boring..others just downright silly..

1 ~ MOTHER of 2 daughters who have accepted Christ as their Savior! Praise God!

2 ~ WIFE to an amazing authentic Christian husband who supports me in all that I do! (17  years in August)

3 ~ Pet lover…we have a 6 year old toy poodle,9 month old toy poodle , aquatic (little) turtle, and catfish from our lake in the aquarium. 🙂

4 ~ In love with JESUS..my Savior and Redeemer! Truly in love with HIM!!

5 ~ Bible study leader at my church 🙂

6 ~ Used to be shy and reserved..but man has God changed that! 🙂

7 ~ Love the beach and the lake

8 ~ Enjoy reading 

9 ~ Love to read quotes and love poetry (used to write poetry)

10 ~ Strong desire to write a book..if God allows me to.

11 ~ Ran a half-marathon and multiple 5k races..LOVE to RUN

12 ~ Water and unsweetened tea are my 2 favorite drinks!

13 ~ Quality time is important to me.

14 ~ Accepted Christ as my Savior at a young age at Camp Tygart.

15 ~ Recommitted my life to Christ at age 18 and then got baptized.

16 ~ Photography has been one of my hobbies since my Daddy bought me my first camera in the 6th grade.

17 ~ Really..really desire to go on a mission trip with my husband and our 2 girls! He has been on several..and God has really laid it on my heart to go now.

18 ~ Felt called to begin this blog and so glad I obeyed and surrendered that area to Christ.

19 ~ Used to feel like I didn’t have any special spiritual gift..felt inadequate..now I am secure in Christ..because I know it is Christ through me..I am just a vessel allowing God to use me.

20 ~ Love chocolate..and absolutely love lemon pound cake!!

21 ~ Really want to swim with the dolphins..

22 ~ Only want to swim with the dolphins if my girls and husband can do it with me. 🙂

23 ~ Have a weakness for shoes..yes, my name is Heather and I really like shoes. 🙂

24 ~ Have 2 brothers and a sister..and I am the baby..I like saying that now that I am  38 years old.

25 ~ I could probably write 100 SIMPLE TRUTHS..but I will stop here..just in case you are bored to tears. 🙂


   Hopefully you feel like you “know” me a little better now. Hopefully I didn’t bore you to tears! 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings to you all my friends!

2 thoughts on “A Few SIMPLE TRUTHS About Me

  1. Love it and love you! Your blog keeps me smiling and positive. It always comes right when I need it! God is always on time and in the right place!

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