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Tips on Becoming Fit

As promised, I’m back with some tips and suggestions to help us all become more physically, mentally, and spiritually fit.  Physically fit:  Personally, I love spinflex and spin class & do that 3 times a week. The other 2 days I attend another fitness class and each day I workout at least an hour. That’s one hour of the 24 hours in the day … Read More Tips on Becoming Fit

Welcome To My Monday Morning

(One of my favorite verses. I even wear it daily on a bracelet I had made.) Romans 12:12 ~ Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. As I start my day, I am so blessed to look at this Thankful Tree on my kitchen table and see the leaves of thanks that my family has hung on the limbs. Now… When … Read More Welcome To My Monday Morning

Making The Most of Today

What are some things that you have never done and would like to do? Where are some places you’ve never been that you’d like to go? Life is so short.. Why not break out of the monotony and try something new? Join me for the rest of the 31 Days of Writing series. Click here for all of the previous posts. Until Next Time, … Read More Making The Most of Today

Tea Leaves AND Time

Tea leaves…Time…Laughter…Memories. I’m normally a coffee drinker. Love my coffee. Every morning. My momma, my daughters, and I are enjoying a girls trip. We are visiting my aunt and family in North Georgia. My aunt and cousin love to go to tea at the neatest little place. {Tea Leaves & Thyme} So much fun! They even provide hats to wear! Of course, I HAD … Read More Tea Leaves AND Time

Spending Time Alone

    What happens when you don’t really want to BE PRESENT? You know… The days that you want to be alone. Zoned out. On an island even. The days that you just want to withdraw into the shadows. The days when you are just completely mentally drained. Feeling like you are pulled in a thousand directions. What about those days? Do it. Spend … Read More Spending Time Alone

Wishing Our Lives Away

  “I can’t wait until summer.” “I wish it was the weekend already.” “I am so ready for spring.” “Can’t wait until next year.” Wishing our lives away. Not living in the here and now. Focusing on the future. The future that we aren’t even guaranteed. Instead of living where we are right now. As I was thinking about what I was going to … Read More Wishing Our Lives Away

Better Is One Day In His Presence

  I’ve loved the Psalms ever since I can remember. As a young girl in Sunday School class, I remember an assignment from our teacher. Come back next week and tell what our favorite book of the Bible was. Mine was Psalms. I remember well, going to vacation bible school with my cousin out of town. We memorized Psalm 23. I imagine that reciting … Read More Better Is One Day In His Presence

Joining In This Challenge

Day 6 I’m so much more aware of Being Present in Real Life and it’s only Day 6 in the #write31days challenge. I hope you are enjoying the posts. If you are new here, or have missed any of the previous posts, subscribe here, or click here for the Intro post that has ALL of the links attached for each day. Now…. A video … Read More Joining In This Challenge

When Memories Are All You Have Left

 Day 4 of 31 days of writing. Invincible. Forever. Tomorrow. Invincible..We aren’t. Forever..They aren’t. Not on this earth. Only in our hearts. Only in Heaven. Only if we are true followers of Christ. Tomorrow..May not come. Time is a funny thing. We say: “I’ll go see them tomorrow.” “They’ll always be around.” “He always pulled through before, so he’ll pull through again.” “I’ll do this or … Read More When Memories Are All You Have Left


Day 3 of Being Present

Day 3 ~ Being Present in Real Life Just so you know, I am not anti-technology, anti-cell phones, anti-social media. I think that it all can serve a great purpose. As long as we have a balance in our lives, and remember that nothing beats REAL LIFE relationships. Watch this, even if you have already seen it. Click on the link below for the … Read More Day 3 of Being Present

Seeing Those Around You

Day 2 of 31 Days of Writing   We were heading out for a free day. We had been doing mission work in New Orleans for a few days straight. Looking forward to walking the streets and seeing the sights. Off duty. A young woman sitting on the steps outside of the church we were staying at. Her hair braided up pretty. “I did … Read More Seeing Those Around You

Picture Perfect

Can I speak bluntly for a moment? Women need to stop wearing masks and stop assuming that everyone else has it all together. We need to be real and transparent and share the good the bad and the ugly. (No, I don’t mean to rant or tell all.. Face it, nobody wants to hear it all) I’m saying share the real you, not just … Read More Picture Perfect

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