When You Are Hurting

Because sometimes I need a reminder too.. And so I go back and dig through my blog archives

Hope For The Broken

by: Heather Dawkins Mt. CrossPointe (future home of CrossPointe Church) by: Heather Dawkins

I wish I could give a simple answer. An AHA!! type of  answer..that could make things make sense to people who are hurting.

I can’t.

I can only point the hurting to the ONE who heals all hurt. In HIS time..in HIS way. The ONE who promises to never leave us. The ONE who gives wisdom and knowledge to all who ask.

I can tell them that I don’t understand. I can be real and honest. I can give all that I can..but nothing more. God is the only ONE who can heal our hurts. Dry our tears. Bring us REAL joy. God is the only ONE who is not capable of letting us down.

I can share how I have found comfort during times of struggle.

Prayer. Studying..reading..digging deep into God’s Word. Asking for fellow sisters and brothers in Christ to pray. 

Romans 15:4 (ESV) ~…

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