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My Princess,

Last first day of school!! (High School) Senior Year! Oh the places you’ll go… shining brightly and standing firm. You’ve been a joy to walk through preK-12th grade with. You’ve tried new things and excelled in many areas. You’ve persevered, stood your ground, and never waivered in your faith.

Most mornings when I’d drive you to school I’d remind you and your sister to “shine” & I will always remind you of that … along with “remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are.”

In life there will be moments you wish to remember forever and moments you’d love to forget. The important thing is to learn. Always learn from the good and learn from the bad. Say yes to God and no to the things that separate you from HIM.

His opinion of you is all that ever matters. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree with you. It’s ok. As long as you do everything in love. God first. God Center.

Faith is everything other than what you can touch, taste, see, hear, and smell. If it was any of those things then it wouldn’t be faith at all. Love each moment as if it were your last. Love hard. Forgive quickly. And never ever forget how much I love you.

But most of all, always remember that Jesus loves you even more than I ever could.

Don’t just follow your heart because sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between feelings and facts.. Follow HIM.. and you do that by seeking Him in everything and especially in HIS Word. Love you my kindred girl. Shine on.

Love, Momma 💕❤️

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