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The Comparison Trap

    The Comparison Trap is just that… A trap. A trap that leads to feelings of worthlessness, envy, bitterness, and discontentment. It steals our joy. “Oh, don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. … Read More The Comparison Trap

The Beauty In Different

  It’s sad to say, but it’s true.. Too often Christians are known for what we are against.. Not for what we are for. Not all of us.. Not all of the time.. But a lot of the time. Sometimes people are turned off by the church in general. And hear me when I say that THE CHURCH is not the building. Sometimes it’s … Read More The Beauty In Different

Picture Perfect

Can I speak bluntly for a moment? Women need to stop wearing masks and stop assuming that everyone else has it all together. We need to be real and transparent and share the good the bad and the ugly. (No, I don’t mean to rant or tell all.. Face it, nobody wants to hear it all) I’m saying share the real you, not just … Read More Picture Perfect

Quit Believing Lies

Let me just jump right on in and say: WE HAVE to QUIT believing the LIES that WE tell ourselves!   Oh, you don’t lie to yourself? Really? You just lied.   “I’m NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. “They’ll think I’m stupid.” “UNWORTHY” “I’m just a ….. (you fill in the blank.)” “There’s already a book, blog, song, poem, business like that.” “I don’t know as … Read More Quit Believing Lies

Not Good

~ Short and Sweet Simple Truths ~ I had my mouth set on it. A NEW hot chicken salad casserole. I went to the grocery store (which I don’t love doing), and prepared it. I’m telling ya…it looked and smelled so good! Shoot, I got the recipe from a “trusted” site..a pretty famous chef. What could go wrong? We sat down for supper. Our … Read More Not Good

Following THEM or Following HIM

We all make choices. Many choices in our lifetime. Every choice has a consequence. Every choice matters. Thank goodness, our God is a God of second chances..and third chances…. I’ll be honest. My choices didn’t always bring my Jesus glory. I made that choice though. I wasted precious time as a teen. Thinking that I had to fit in. Feeling like I never did. … Read More Following THEM or Following HIM

Come a long way…

So…lately, a certain word keeps popping up. Like all the time. In my quiet time. In my “digging deeper” study time in HIS Word. In life in general. Have you ever had this happen? You probably have. Do you try to ignore it..just a little bit? I know that I do sometimes. Why? Because, that means I can put off making a change. Well, … Read More Come a long way…

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