A Fisherman and A Fisher of Men

So glad you have taken the time to stop by today! I have had so many thoughts going through my head this week..so much I want to share with you… However, God put it on my heart to share somebody elses story. The story I am sharing with you is about a good friend of ours, Mr. Roger Sims. You may know him as the Rock man or Rock The World Ministries or the guy with the Jesus rocks. He is an obedient servant of Christ..not afraid to share God’s love with anybody! He really ROCKS!! Now..I am simply going to retype the story as written by one of his friends. Here goes..hope you are blessed!!


The first fisherman in this story is Lucas. Lucas has been a welcome visitor to this particular pond for sometime now. As I rode by him on the pond dam, I waved politely, like I normally would. Lucas would usually ride his bike out and fish on this pond 2 or 3 times a week. But this was the first in months that I had seen Lucas fishing. Today as Lucas was fishing there was a large crowd gathered on top of the hill, just 100 yards or so from the pond. The crowd was dressed in camouflage and was strategizing for an afternoon dove hunt. This was a pay hunt organized by the Organization for Christian Outdoorsmen to raise money for missions. As truck after truck filed past Lucas on the pond dam he probably figured they were all hunters. He didn’t know about Roger. Roger and I previously, that day had an interesting conversation about how he wanted to be a farmer but God had called him to be a fisherman. When the last truck came by Roger stopped and asked Lucas if he minded him getting out and talking with him for a while. Lucas answered, “No but, Don’t you want to go hunting?” Roger said, “I’m not a hunter I’m a fisherman.” So they dropped Roger off and went on to hunt. Roger said, “Man I want you to know I love you.” About that time Lucas caught a nice spec and asked if Roger would hold his pole while he put fish on his stringer. “You mind if I throw out there one time?” asked Roger. “No sir” said Lucas. Well he cast out and immediately tangled his line, saying I’m sorry man, I’m not much of a fisherman.” Lucas looked at him oddly. Roger said, “man why are you looking at me like that?” knowing Lucas thought he had contradicted himself. Roger said, “you see, you are fishing for food to eat so you can live here on the earth. I want to offer you something that you can accept and live eternally. Have you ever been saved Lucas?” Lucas said, “I hear people talking about being saved but I don’t understand saved.” Roger said “saved means you were lost in a world of darkness but now you are free because you’ve accepted the light that is Jesus Christ.” After much discussion and scripture sharing Roger found out Lucas had 8 brothers and sisters and 2 parents that were all lost. Roger asked Lucas if he believed in Heaven and hell. Lucas said, “yes sir”. He said where is your family going when they die? Lucas said, “man they’re going to hell, and I am one of them going to hell.” Mr. Roger said, “Lucas you don’t have to go to hell. You can pray to accept Jesus into your heart and have all your sins washed away.” Lucas said, “not me..I’ve got too many sins.” Roger said, “I guarantee you don’t have anymore than the rest of us.” Lucas said, ” I ain’t much on that praying.” Roger said, “I can lead you right through it and keep it real simple. Now would you like to become a Christian?” Lucas said “yes sir.” Roger put his hand on Lucas’ shoulder and led him through the sinners prayer. Roger told me that the 2 of them prayed and wept for several minutes and right there beside that pond Lucas got saved. We need to pray for Lucas. We need to pray that each one of us would become fishers of men… because God has called us all to be Fishermen.

I realize this was a long post…but oh what a glorious true story!!!

I pray you are all blessed by it and share it with others. I have several things I plan to share with you in the next several days…one includes a rock story and my youngest daughter..


3 Replies to “A Fisherman and A Fisher of Men”

  1. I am so honored to have been on the tailgate when Roger jumped off to witness to Lucas…. Just regret that I was more interested in hunting than fishing that day. One thing is for sure, I learned my lesson that day. I commit, to the best of my ability, to never let an opportunity pass me by again. There is nothing; not bird hunting, not sporting clays, nor any other worldly activity more important than saving a soul from eternal hell. Thanks for the lesson my friend.


  2. I never get tired of hearing about people coming to know Christ..And I certainly NEVER get tired of hearing the stories of ALL the ones Roger led to Christ…which includes MY son… Praise God…and thanks for sharing…


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