In The Broken Places

   When I was a little girl, I loved to make grilled cheese sandwiches. The only problem was, when I opened the cheese and removed it from the plastic it would sometimes break. Well, for some reason, I would throw the cheese away if it broke. I suppose I thought that it wasn’t any good if it was broken. 🙂

   My parents were youth directors at one time and we regularly had teens at the house. One was in the kitchen when I was throwing away my “no good” cheese,  and couldn’t believe what I was doing. My mom had to explain to me that the cheese was okay. Being broken, didn’t make it “no good”. Being broken, didn’t make it unusable.

   This leads me to share with you: Just because we may be broken or defective, doesn’t mean that we are unable to be used by God.

   In fact, God used some of the MOST broken and defective people to do His work and to help others. God doesn’t see us as throw-aways or no good. He sees individuals that He created and can use to bring Him glory if we are obedient to Him.

   It is in the broken places that He can fill in the cracks with more of Him and less of us, making us stronger because of Him. Because of His strength.

   God took the time to make each and every one of us..the easy to love people and the not so easy to love people. He is not going to give up on something that He created. It’s us who give up on ourselves and others, not God.

   Psalm 147:3 (NIV) ~ He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

   The broken places in us…they are part of what makes us unique and useable. The broken places can be used to help others who may be broken also.

     We can choose to allow God to mend us back together. As a little girl, I didn’t “get” the fact that when I put the broken piece of cheese on the bread and grilled it, that it melted back together. God does that for us..if we let Him. He fills in the empty places and makes us whole again.

   Proverbs 8:17 ~ I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.

   Psalm 32:7 ~ You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

   Just look at how Moses, David, Saul, Matthew, Peter and Jephthah were used by God.

   Moses – insecure, talked with a stutter, shepherd, murderer –> He led Israel out of bondage and into the Promised Land. (Exodus 3)

   David – shepherd boy, last-born, adulterer, friend-betrayer, disobedient –> God called him a “man after His own heart”..because he was repentant and had a heart change..and was obedient. He is also known for slaying Goliath and as Israel’s greatest King. (1 Samuel 16)

   Saul – impulsive, jealous, plotted to kill David because of his jealousy, father to Jonathan (David’s friend) –> He was 1st God-appointed King of Israel

   Jephthah – son of a prostitute –> God chose him to deliver Israel from the Ammonites. (Judges 11)

   Matthew – tax collector –> chosen by God to be an apostle and a Gospel writer. (Matthew 9:9)

   Peter – fisherman –> chosen by God to be an apostle and a leader in the early church. He wrote 2 of the New Testament letters.

   What about Hannah? (1 Samuel 1) She was a homemaker whom God chose to be the mother of Samuel.

   These were all imperfect, regular people. People that by the world’s standards were useless or nobody special. Yet, because of who God is, and because of their obedience and faith…God did use them for good!

   Don’t doubt God…with Him ALL things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

   Only God can heal you in the broken places. He can use you to bring others to Him. He can use you…just like he did Moses, David, Hannah and all the others.



   Until Next Time,


5 Replies to “In The Broken Places”

  1. Nice post Heather! :). I never knew that about you and the cheese but I do remember you eating bread with BBQ sauce a lot! :). Love ya


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