Memories Created By Being Present

I am so glad that you are joining me today here at the blog. I really am glad that I switched topics for this 31 Day challenge. Focusing on Being Present every single day has made me more intentional about the subject. That being said, let’s dive in to today’s post. Oh and if you would like to see the Intro page that has links to all of my posts in this series, click here.

Day 5






 Memories are a treasure. We make memories by being with someone, really there. We make memories by paying attention to those around us. By being engaged in the moment. Memories come in the form of smells, sounds, foods tasted. A smell might make you remember an occasion in your past. A sound may trigger a memory.

 Why? Because you were paying attention to the little things when that memory was being made. You were really all there. Not distracted.

 Just ask anyone who has a family member that suffers or suffered with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We notice when the memories are gone. We feel the pain of no connection.

 Do we feel the pain of no connection in our other relationships?

Are we really connecting when we only text or email or tweet or snapchat?

Come on, you have surely seen the statistics of how many pictures one really takes to get the just right selfie that is sent.

 Do we see the hi-light reel or the real life people?

 Think back on a special memory. From childhood, teen years, or adult life. Take note of what makes it a special memory. I guarantee you it was because you were engaged, fully there, and undistracted.

 Let’s try to set limits on outside distractions. Turn the phone off or on silent when you are with your friends or family. Turn off the social media notifications. Put the phone, computer, tv remote.. down for a little while. Make eye contact and use real words. Make a real life memory today.


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