To Know HIM More


 In order to know GOD, we must often think of Him; and when we come to love Him, we shall then also think of Him often, for our heart will be with our treasure. ~Brother Lawrence

  So glad you joined me today! I am super excited about sharing some things with you! This post is all about having a relationship with where you will know Him more..or better.

   Life is so filled with activities, work, etc.. It is easy to neglect what is most important. My hope is that you will see the importance of a quiet time, and also see the importance of getting in HIS word! Not making the time to be still and to study God’s word and to pray, is like saying that we don’t need Him and we don’t have time for direction, peace or  joy!

 A definition for quiet time: when we get alone with the Lord and we are quiet before    Him. It is an intimate time..a time of” getting to know ” Him.

  Quiet time or meditation is not, I repeat IS NOT “studying” your bible with the t.v. blaring. That is all fine and well..but, if you want to hear from God, you have to be still, be quiet and take away distractions. You may have to get up earlier (can’t say I am too keen on that idea just yet, being that I like my sleep 🙂 ) , or take your bible,etc.. with you as you sit and wait to pick up your kids (what I do sometimes). When you find your quiet time, don’t forget to turn your phone on silent…phones can be a huge distraction. (I am speaking from experience 🙂 )

   We don’t have to make an appointment to spend time with God! He is always available..sad that we are not always available. That is why we must make it a priority.

   Charles Stanley says: When we spend time with Him, talking with Him, reading His word and mulling over it, it shows. The opposite is true as well.

   Did you know that even Jesus withdrew Himself from His busy life to pray!?! He knew that alone time with His Father was necessary and of utmost importance!

Luke 11:1 ~ Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught His disciples.”

  It is very important to teach our children also, the importance of prayer and meditation.

   Another good reason to get to know Jesus better is this…Do you really trust someone that you don’t really know? Most likely not! Who trusts a stranger with their most precious things? Not many people. If you read my post (So in Love!!), you’ll remember a conversation that I had with my daughter about feeling close to God. I explained to her that if she didn’t spend time with me, she wouldn’t feel close to me either.

   Also, if you are “meeting” with Jesus every day, you will be a lot more accountable about your behavior. You will want to be more like Him. You know the old saying, (you are who you hang around with), it is true. If you want to be more like Jesus and understand Him better, you HAVE TO SPEND TIME WITH HIM !! It is cut and dry my friends.

   Here are some great ways to get to know Him more:

   – Get involved in a bible study…attending or leading(a great way to meet others who are struggling and learning and growing spiritually)

   – Serve  (yes..serve..start helping and you will find what you are good at..and God will definitely find a place for you to be used)

   – Read a devotion book, commentary,etc.. (always make sure the author writes sound should match up with the BIBLE, the source of TRUTH)

   – Journal when you study..write down thoughts or questions you want answered.

   – Break down the verses to see what they really mean…and be sure to read a few verses before and after when referring to a scripture..use your concordance in back of bible, or a bible dictionary.

   -There are so many apps available on phones and computers now(again, be sure they are sound..not added to or twisted) ex: Youversion, Daily Bible app(droid app), friend just told me about this site 🙂 )

   Try a quiet time..I would love to hear back from you about how much better you felt after. Send me a comment and let me know! These are all ways to help you know Jesus more..the best way is by talking to Him(praying) and studying His word.

   Don’t get discouraged and give up on this time with Jesus..some days will be harder than others..I struggle too! Remember that any good relationship requires time..and think of the ones you feel closest to, you probably spend a great deal of time with them. The same goes for our relationship with our Heavenly Father! 🙂 Except, the benefits are even greater! 🙂

Sitting quietly with God is a discipline we need to cultivate. It does not take the place of Bible study, Scripture memory, or prayer. Rather quiet time deepens our walk with the One who seeks our friendship the most. ~Tim Sanford

Blessings to you my friends! Don’t forget to subscribe to SIMPLE TRUTHS  if you’d like! 🙂





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