Time That Is Never Wasted


 Billy Graham ~ We relegate God to our spare time- but end up never having any spare time! Jesus said, “Seek first his kingdom” (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

Family time...



  I have felt so blessed this week. To be able to spend time …quality time with some of the people I love. Quality time is definitely one of my love languages. There is a huge difference between quality time and time.



   I spend lots of time with my family…but when it is quality time..that is, time that is uninterrupted by distractions, it is awesome! I feel the same way about friend time too!

  Time is a gift.  Life happens. We all get busy. There is work. There are outside activities that take up time. Time can be wasted. Time can be well-spent. Time is not guaranteed. Time is valuable. I am sure you have also heard that “time is money”. Time can be short and time can be long. You can have time alone..and you can have time together. Time can drag by and there can be “not enough time in the day”.



My husband and I on our date!

   Now, this is my favorite kind of time. You have also heard the saying, “It’s not the quantity, it is the quality.” How true is that statement! It doesn’t matter if it is five minutes or five days, if there is quality to your time, it is all the same.

   My husband and I were able to enjoy a “date day” this week. I must admit, there was a little work and a few phone calls here and there that he had to take, but man the quality of time we were able to spend together cancelled out the interruptions. We are very family time oriented..which means that most of the time we include our children in our activities. I love this too! However, we don’t always schedule a date time just for us. You know, it is so important to have a “date night”.      

   I felt like I was the center of his attention for a whole day! WOW! You may be thinking, that’s sad..she gets excited about a date day!?! Yep..I do..because that is quality time to me. Time to focus on just him and me. Time to talk about things we want to talk about….

   Other times, when we have spent just 30 minutes talking to each other at the end of a busy day, are just as wonderful as a whole “date day” spent together.

   When I think of the word quality, I think of the word valuable.

   Quality time with my children and other family members and my friends are very important to me. I truly value the moments that are spent with each one. If you value someone you will in turn spend more quality time with them.

   Let’s not forget God in all of this “time” talk. Shouldn’t He be at the very top of our quality time list? I value Him the most. He desires to spend quality time with you and me each day. How often do we ignore him?

   I have to share something: This morning I had a headache and was really tired. I had planned to spend some quality time with someone. I had a little bit of time before I was to meet her. Since my head was hurting and I was tired, I thought I might lay down for a few minutes. I kept feeling a tug to do my quiet time instead. I started to ignore it…but then I just felt like God was saying, “Heather, I just want to spend a little time with you this morning.” I couldn’t ignore Him. I picked up my Bible and notebook and begin to read it and take notes and concluded with talking to God and writing down my prayer. I was so blessed by that time with my Savior. My headache went away too, and you know, I wasn’t even tired anymore.

   Quality time with God is the most important and most rewarding time you will ever spend. It is never time wasted. It can be short or long…but it will always be valuable.

   I encourage you to spend quality time with God each day. He loves us so much…He just wants to spend some time with us. I spend time with God every day..talking to Him..seeking Him..but there is just something special about a quiet time with Him. It is basically special quality time like a date night,etc..except it is even more special.

   Feel free to check out some older posts of mine about quiet times and spending time with God. (Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit,  Making the Time and Giving Him Glory, and To Know HIM More)

   Every day has exactly 1,440 minutes; can’t you find even ten of them to be with your heavenly Father? Doesn’t God deserve the best minutes of your day?  ~ Billy Graham





One Reply to “Time That Is Never Wasted”

  1. You are an inspiration and encourager to me. I don’t always leave comments about your post/blogs ,but know I ALWAYS read them and have enjoyed everyone of them.
    So glad you got rid of the migraine also. I had a great time with lots of “good” talks today. I love you. Keep up HIS work.


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