It’s ALL About Love



Well, it has taken me a bit longer to process these thoughts and truths that have been jumping around in my head. I know that I have shared before, that I take this “writing” or “blogging” thing very serious. AND…Sometimes…that means just waiting and being still. Waiting for God. I have learned patience through this almost year that I have been sharing here on “Simple Truths”. I’ve learned that I am on HIS timeline…not mine.

I have learned that I am at peace when I am patient for HIS time.

I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t ever want these posts to be about ME. Oh no..not at all..I only want to shine for HIM. When I say I want to shine…I mean that HE IS LIGHT and I want to reflect HIM and HIM alone.

It has been a week ago today that I left to go on a retreat for women. We went away for two nights and oh how God touched me at the core of my soul. HIS presence was known. HIS words were spoken through many women (message, prayer, song, testimonies, sharing, etc..)  because of their obedience to HIM. It’s not always easy being truly obedient…because it really does take you out of your comfort zone. This I know. From experience. BUT…..oh at the blessings and complete joy that is felt when you are obedient. Blessings…not just for the other people…but for you as well.

I saw chains loosed last weekend…and chains are still being loosed because of the TRUTH that was spoken to us. GOD”S WORD is TRUTH dear friends. It IS HEALING for the soul.


Most importantly though…GOD’S WORD reflects HIS LOVE for US!! Friends…hear me when I say this…God LOVES YOU! He loves every single one of us!

We have got to start reflecting that LOVE. That TRUTH.


1 Peter 4:8 (NIV) ~ Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

 Deeply…it says. Not surface. Not fake. BUT….DEEPLY.

God’s LOVE….the love of Savior Jesus….covers our sins.

If you ARE a true follower/believer, you are CALLED to LOVE. DEEPLY.

I am called to love deeply. Do I always? No… Sometimes…the love that I show and you too (if you are being honest), is love that may be dependent on my emotions at the moment.

I am called to love deeply….not just when I feel like it. Not just when everything is “hunky-dory” (pardon the “old” phrase).

I am SO VERY THANKFUL that God loves me ALL the time. In fact, it still blows my mind sometimes that HIS love NEVER CHANGES. Seriously, you should do a search on your Bible app or in the dictionary and concordance in your actual Bible on the phrase “His love”. It’s awesome!


John 15:12~ My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

We don’t love in this way out of our own ability to do so. NO…that isn’t even possible. IF and WHEN we LOVE in the way God commands us to love, it’s because God is loving the other person through us. IT’S HIM.


1 John 4:19~ We love because he first loved us.


   I am so thankful for all the LOVE that was shown this past weekend at the retreat. Women sometimes have a hard time letting down our walls..and letting ourselves be loved. It has to STOP. We have to stop comparing ourselves and thinking that everybody else must be thinking something “bad” about “me”. It’s a trap. A trap that the enemy wants us to be in. BECAUSE..we can’t possibly love each other if we don’t even love ourselves. GOD LOVES YOU.



It’s okay to recognize areas that you have fault…but give those faults and bad habits…  GOD (repent and change). THEN and only THEN can you move on. When I say move on..I mean, STOP letting your past mistakes define you. Allow God to love you and in turn reflect that same love to everyone you meet.


1 John 4:8~ Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

It is ALL about LOVE. Isn’t that what we all want anyways?

I’ve got lots more on my mind and heart that I plan on sharing in regards to how my heart was touched during this time away. So, I’ll share again with you soon.



Until Next Time,


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